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I've had many titles throughout my life; Child, Student, Teen Mom, Attorney, Business Owner, Landlord, Wife, Mother, Poet, Author, Child of God! Whew!

However, there is one title I still want to have.  "What is it", you ask?

First a story.

My father taught math, but he was also a draftsman and a carpenter. As a child I often helped him with his work, building beds and chairs, and anything else with which he would let me help.

As a young mom, I didn't have much money, but I knew I still had to love my space. I found myself doing the thing I hated most as a child, going to thrift stores with my mom! By this time, the thing I hated had become one of my favorite pastimes.  I would go thrifting and find the cutest vintage pieces and refinish them for my daughter's room.


After going to law school, practicing law, marrying and raising children, I realized I had spent years in a field that did not excite me. I had made my career choice, as a teen mother, based on what I thought would put me in the best position to care for my child. 

I needed to rediscover my passion.


I realized it had been with me all along, just riding along quietly in the back seat. It was time for a switch! I hopped in the back seat, put my passion up front...and said, 

"Jesus Take the Wheel!"


I found that my childhood love for building, upcycling, and decorating was still my Passion! 

My passion was  there. I just had to put it in its right place! 


I've now returned to that childhood love, and can't wait to share it with you!

Oh yeah...that new title I want to have? Your Interior Designer!

Click the envelope below and let's connect!

Aver Eden

Aver Eden Rouse holds a Juris Doctor from Indiana University McKinney School of Law, and she is a licensed Attorney in Georgia and North Carolina.

Aver also holds a BA in Psychology from Alabama A&M University, and is studying Interior Design at the New York Institute of Art and Design.

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